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While there were times when he wished he could roll back the clock and erase all the sadness, he had a hunch that if he did so, the joy would be diminished as well. And that was something he couldn't contemplate. (From At First Sight by Nicholas Sparks)

Saturday, April 09, 2005


I think people underestimate the power of friends. I know I have been guilty of neglecting friends and have had to practically grovel for forgiveness when things blew up in my face.

The awesome thing is though, that because these people are true friends, they didn't make me grovel. They listened to what I had to say, nodded their heads and then embraced me back into their lives. How awesome!

I am truly blessed to have made such good friends during my life.

Four people come to mind, that I'd like to thank for their friendship.

MMT: You've been family for 29 years, why didn't it occur to me sooner that you could be such a good friend? Now that we talk so often, we need to try getting together!

Trish: I've known you since 4th grade (that's about 20 years). Can you believe it? I'm amazed that we've become who we are, both on our own and as friends but our friendship has evolved as we've grown, which is evident in light of all of the changes we've been through. I'm looking forward to making up for lost time and being a part of your life again!

Barbara: Thanks for constantly being there to listen to me. It's good to have someone else analyze things once in a while! I appreciated what you said about my not being a burden to you! You rock!

Cindi: How in the world did we ever manage to become friends? Or stay friends for that matter? Who cares? We are friends and that's all that matters! Over the 10 years I've known you, you've always looked out for and supported me. I miss living across the dorm from you but cherish our friendship, phonecalls and brief visits!

Girls, you are the closest four to me and I wanted to let you know I love you. I don't know where I'd be if it weren't for you. Thank you for constantly being there and for not holding my mistakes against me. Please know how much I appreciate and love you all!


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