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Thursday, May 26, 2005

Getting to Know Me (For You)

So a lot of my blogging buddies have been doing lists. It's a cute idea and a great way for people to get to know you. I wanted to hold off on doing that for a while though so as to avoid the impression that I'm swiping other people's ideas. Besides, it's a great idea to keep on the back burner just in case you run out of stuff to write about. But, alas, here I am preparing to offer you such a list! After naming my last entry, I figured I should give you something a little more interesting. Well, too bad, you're getting this list instead!

1. I'm an only child.
2. I've been in love two times...
3. Been burned both times...
4. Haven't lost all hope yet though.
5. I have no desire to travel abroad...
6. There's too much in the U.S. I want to see and I figure that's going to take me a while!
7. I'm very shy.
8. Also, easily embarrassed.
9. I always thought blond hair and blue eyes was "my type" but after my first love everyone else has had dark hair and eyes.
10. I love country music.
11. I love 80s music (especially hair bands, I'll admit it).
12. I saw NKOTB in concert three or four times. (Where'd that come from?)
13. I have only a few REALLY good friends.
14. Seems like I'm the only one out there who's not on the knitting bandwagon.
15. Don't really feel like I'm missing out on anything though.
16. Another bandwagon I never jumped on was getting a tattoo.
17. Thought about it, even went to the tattoo parlor but I chickened out.
18. I'll probably be bald before long, I've dyed my hair so much.
19. I'm not much of a night owl.
20. I love junk food and hate fruits and vegetables (could explain why I'm fat)!
21. Love to write...
22. Used to write for a few hotel trade magazines and then a housewares trade magazine.
23. I watch too much TV.
24. When I fall in love, I lose myself.
25. I'm working on being able to stop that for the next time I fall.
26. I'm not extremely computer savvy. Can anyone explain why my profile, links, etc. is at the bottom of the page? I can't figure it out. I don't think I did anything to change it!


  • At 5/27/2005 1:19 AM, Blogger Baby Rhiverson said…

    Hey Rebecca.
    Here's a return list.
    1. I have one younger brother, who I adore but don't talk with much.
    2. I've thought I was in love many times. But, really only once, and I married him.
    3. Still in love, more than ever.
    4. Hope is a gift. If you've lost it, go figure out where you put it.
    5. I have so many places in the world I want to travel to it isn't even funny.
    6. I've seen most of the U.S. and Canada. Time to break out. India, Egypt and Tibet are among the first on my list.
    7. There isn't a shy bone in my body.
    8. I used to be easily embarrassed. Now, I just figure if people don't like me, they don't have to hang out with me.
    9. Canadian men are my type.
    10. Country music is OK, but not my favorite.
    11. I love chick rock - Tori Amos, Indigo Girls, Melissa Ethridge, Sarah McLachlan.
    12. Not a big concert goer. Movies, I pretty much live for, would see one every day if I could.
    13. Community is incredibly important to me. So, I love to find places where there are lots of people to connect with. My husband has lots of friends. Me, I only have a few.
    14. Never knit. Never will.
    15. Definitely don't think I'm missing anything.
    16. No tatoos. Really dig them on other people.
    17. Only after getting pregnant did I rediscover what my natural hair color is. Not bad, really.
    18. Going to sleep after 10 p.m. is against my religion.
    19. Love fruits and veggies. Never eat junk food. Still chunky. Bad genes.
    20. Pretty much live for writing.
    21. Been writing professionally since I was 18, I'm 34 and still getting paid for it.
    22. TV...hate to love it. Watch it all the time.
    23. When I fell in love (for real) I found myself.
    24. You really do know the moment you meet the right guy because he won't let you disappear into him.
    25. Computers are for people like my husband who actually spend their entire lives making amazing things on them. Me, I learned some easy HTML to make our blogs work and otherwise, I can type.
    27. Our first baby (little Mhari) is due July 17 and I'm amazed every day at the wonders of womanhood.
    28. If I could do anything else other than write I would paint and teach yoga.

  • At 5/27/2005 10:02 AM, Blogger GlitterGlamGirl05 said…

    Hey Rebecca - My list is here but I think you've seen it before so I'll keep adding

    1. I once told a guy if he was the last man on earth and I was the last woman I would never date him
    2. I went on a date to the top of the Prudential tower in Boston (kinda like the Sears tower but shorter) and it was cloudy
    3. I will always be able to find a place I want to visit
    4. I'm still trying to find love and find out if my Mr. Right is the man
    5. I crochet, not knit
    6. I'm too chicken to get a tattoo, go figure


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