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Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Do You Have A...

This post was generated via GGG05's last post that talks about "tallguy". It brought this story back to my mind and I was going to either e-mail it to GGG05 or post it as a comment for her. But then I figured I wouldn't deprive my readership of probably more of my more amusing stories!

You have to keep in mind that I am very shy and try not to hurt people's feelings. Anyway, I was a sophmore in college and three of my close girlfriends and I (all being single at the time) decided we were going to go to the school's Spring Fling dance. We talked about the dance for weeks leading up to it and I borrowed a dress from one of the girls.

The night of the dance rolled around and I had SEVERE cramps. It was the worst time I've ever had with cramps. I tried to beg out of the evening but the girls pushed so I got dressed and miserably went along.

At one point, the cramps, heels and heat of the student center all closed in on me and I had to escape into the fresh air. One of the girls came with me and she soon ran into a guy she knew. He walked over and was standing in front of me and this is how the conversation went...

Him: "Do you have a REALLY, REALLY big boyfriend?"

Me: "No."

Him: "Do you have a REALLY, REALLY small boyfriend?"

Me: "No."

Him: "Do you have a medium sized boyfriend?"

Me: "No."

Him: "Do you want to dance with me?"

Me: "No."

Well, our mutual friend heard the entire exchange and immediately tried to smooth his feathers by telling him I'm not usually like that and that I just didn't feel good. Our other two friends had come outside to check on me, in enough time to catch the whole thing and were doubled over with laughter.

I left shortly afterwards and I don't think I ever saw that guy again. Of course, I didn't feel bad about my attitude until after my physical discomfort subsided a few days later with the help of some strong muscle relaxers! I wasn't trying to be mean, I just didn't feel well.


  • At 6/29/2005 5:33 PM, Blogger Jen said…

    What a silly line he had there. I bet that is not how he thought you were going to answer!

  • At 6/30/2005 10:32 AM, Blogger Rebecca said…

    None of my friends could believe how I answered nor could I (though at the time I didn't care). I have to give the guy a little bit of credit though, you know, for creativity. :)

  • At 6/30/2005 12:03 PM, Blogger GlitterGlamGirl05 said…

    OMG too funny. It's my tallguy all over again!


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