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Sunday, June 12, 2005

No Developments But Having Fun All The Same

I found out AIM's name. I'm still going to refer to him as AIM though. I'll address why shortly.

For someone as shy as I am, I'm pretty forward when I want to be. I asked guys to go to both my junior and senior proms and I've asked guys on dates... okay that only happened once. So, yesterday morning, I introduced myself to AIM with an apology for not having done so last week. He said he'd been functioning on very little sleep and didn't think about it either.

A few times during the day, when his employer would come talk to my employer, I would go and talk to him. There was more conversation between us this week but it was still a little awkward. But I did learn a few things about him. I asked questions (in an effort to keep some conversation). He answered but didn't ask me anything about myself.

My friend, that worked with me last week, had a promotional exam for work yesterday morning but when she was done she came to work with us. After she got there AIM started coming over by us when his employer did. So, at one point, I told her that I'm sticking by my original thought that he was inquiring about her, not me, hence why I'm still calling him AIM.

When I told Mary all of this yesterday she offered me a point-of-view that I hadn't considered. She said, "Maybe he started coming over to talk to you all after she got there because it was a less threatening situation." Hmmmm. That could be. Thanks Mary! Or maybe he started coming over by us when she got there because he's more interested in her, which would be fine with me since I'm just trying to have a little bit of fun right now.

Oh well, whatever the case may be, it's no big deal. I'm just going to continue to be me and we'll see what happens.


  • At 6/13/2005 11:05 AM, Blogger GlitterGlamGirl05 said…

    I just realized I meant to post my comment that says Hooray for you under this post and not the one I posted it under. Forgive my stupidness this morning. LOL.


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