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Saturday, June 18, 2005

Tasks Completed

Today I decided to take some time to do a bunch of errands that desperately needed to be done and that I have been procrastinating actually doing.

There was nothing terribly interesting: refill my perscription, get a Father's Day card, fill Explorer with gas, drop off dry cleaning, deposit money into savings account and return cans and bottles (at $0.05 each, it's difficult to resist).

I completed all of my tasks in about two hours, then I spoke to Mary, helped my father with some landscaping, had lunch, went online to complete my Juror Qualification Questionnaire, blogged and blogged some more. All in all, it's been a productive day. I still need to do laundry, cart a bunch of junk into the basement and make my Dad a gift certificate. The man is a PAIN IN MY BUTT. He wants nothing. Ever. Christmas, his birthday, Father's Day--it doesn't matter--he doesn't want anything. He doesn't really have any hobbies except for annoying my mother and going to Atlantic City so it's not even like he's easy to shop for. I was going to get him a gift certificate to the car wash for 5 top-of-the-line-washes but I couldn't get near the place today (and oh yea, have I mentioned that I procrastinate?). So, what's the next best thing? I'll give him a home made gift certificate and I'll wash his car for him. Sounds like a good idea but if you refer to my last post you'll see that my good ideas aren't always.

Since it's not too terribly hot out today, I should also get back outside and walk or jump rope or swim. I should do something. Oh! But I did go to the gym on Friday after work. My supervisor, who joined when I renewed my contract last fall, has asked if I would consider going to Lucille Roberts instead. I'm not sure what to do. I like Curves... and when I actually go, it works. It's quick and it doesn't feel all that strenuous. Also, I know the owner and would kind of feel bad if I stopped giving her my business. But it would be nice if they offered classes too or had a pool (assuming that I would actually take advantage of classes or a pool). If the price is comparable, maybe I should try. Worst case scenario is that I'll try a new place, hate it, and go back to Curves.


  • At 6/20/2005 6:17 AM, Blogger M.Thom said…

    I used to belong to Lucille Roberts, and it was pretty cheap. However, it also wasn't a top-of-the-line gym. They had weight machines, treadmills, ellipticals, bikes, and classes. They didn't have a pool. I didn't really take advantage of the classes, but I did go and use the treadmills and the weight machines. So it depends on what you like to do. Next time I join a gym, I am going to go for a more top-of-the-line one with better hours...Lucille's didn't open until 9 AM, so I could never go in the morning before work.

  • At 6/20/2005 3:12 PM, Blogger NME said…

    Both of my parents are hard to shop for too. The GC is a good idea. In the future you could order GCs for places in AC?

  • At 6/20/2005 3:15 PM, Blogger Tanya Kristine said…

    i say stick with what you love because it's frickin hard enough to work out, let alone start over somewhere new.

    Aaah Fathers Day...one of the grandest days of the year...

  • At 6/20/2005 9:18 PM, Blogger ramblin' girl said…

    my dad's impossible to buy for also... we got him more shirts. excitement.


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