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Saturday, July 16, 2005

Bummer Of A Night...

Tonight's plans were to meet up with some of the women from work and their families at a nearby state park to enjoy food, drinks, each other's company, live music by the New York Philharmonic and, as icing on the proverbial cake, a fireworks display.

I picked up my supervisor around 2:30 this afternoon and we packed up the cooler, blankets and chairs and went to pick up food for us and her boyfriend, who would be meeting us there later on. We got wonderful paninis and an awesome chocolate mousse cheesecake (to celebrate her birthday).

Pulling up to the toll booth at the entrance of the park was a sign waiving the usual $8.00 parking fee and asking for a donation. Okay. So we paid the $8.00. We got there early enough to get a great parking space and staked out an area large enough for our group, which was a perfect distance from both the parking area and the stage.

The rest of our group arrived bearing 2 bottles of champagne and more food. (What I hadn't mentioned is that we already had 6 bottles of wine in the cooler). We sang Happy Birthday to my supervisor (and friend) very loudly (although none of us was drunk, despite the amount of alcohol which had been consumed). Loudly enough to make a LOT of people stare at us. We toasted her and the engagement of our Executive Director's daughter who was there with her future husband and mother-in-law.

Finally the orchestra appeared on stage and the music began. While I am not familiar with much of the music and would not typically listen to it, I enjoy this yearly live performance. (Maybe it's more about the company, food, drinks and overall atmosphere.) So the music started and I was feeling good. (Thinking too much of AIM but still feeling good).

After two numbers, an announcement was made that the condensation was affecting the instruments and so the orchestra would play one last piece and then the fireworks would be displayed. Thank you for coming, we're sorry but we'll see you next year. Understandable? Yes. Disappointing? Yes.

The fireworks created enough light to make it much easier to clean up than last year, however, the fog was coming in so you couldn't see most of the prettiness they offer.

So here I sit, at home thinking that I'm pretty bummed out at the outcome of the evening. Oh well. I had fun while it lasted! I guess I should be thankful for that much!


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