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While there were times when he wished he could roll back the clock and erase all the sadness, he had a hunch that if he did so, the joy would be diminished as well. And that was something he couldn't contemplate. (From At First Sight by Nicholas Sparks)

Tuesday, August 09, 2005


I have to offer my official congratulations to two of my blogging buddies. In one instance the sentiment is a wee bit late and in the other pretty darn early.

First, I would like to offer belated congratulations to Baby Mhari, and her mommmy and daddy, Robin and Ken. This leads me to point out, in case you hadn't noticed, that The Womb is no longer on my list of links. In case you were having trouble with the connection... Mhari is no longer in The Womb and therefore has a new blog about her adventures on the outside that you can link to here or on the list of links, if you'd like.

My second round of congratulations goes out to my cousin, Mary, who called me the other night to tell me that she has become engaged. W-O-W. I just can't find the words to show you all how happy I am for her.

Well, they say everything happens in threes... who else has good news?


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