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Monday, October 10, 2005

Checking In

Before I give you all an update on me, I have to give kudos to those of you who have husbands, kids, work numerous jobs (and/or work and go to school) while keeping up with your blogs. I tried about a week or two ago to get caught up with everyone but it didn't work. I got halfway through before I had to stop and then couldn't find time. So I'm back in that same boat again.

Well, enough of that. Let's move on to the situation with AIM. I had been telling a few of my friends (jokingly) that I didn't know quite where AIM and I stood. Even though things have been really good, I wasn't sure if he had classified us as hanging out, seeing each other, dating or whatnot. We were at a party this weekend with a bunch of his friends and he introduced me to everyone as his girlfriend.

About two weeks ago, he and one of his friends came out to happy hour with me and some of my friends. (Keep in mind that he lives approximately 45 minutes from me and he came out by me for happy hour.) We all had a good time and his friend, B, told me this weekend that he liked me from the get go and that he told AIM that I was one to hold onto.

Coming from B, especially after some of the things I've heard him say about women, marriage, children, etc., I think that was a huge statement. I'm happy to know that his friends (or at least one of them) feels this way.

Anyway, I impressed myself the other day. I had gotten a little annoyed with AIM because he'd invited me out to his house Thursday night when I was finished with bowling. I called him as I was walking out the door and I could tell he was out. Sure enough, he was and he was backing out of our plans. I understood that he wanted to see his friends (many of whom were visiting from upstate) but it hurt my feelings that he was backing out of plans with me. I didn't tell him right then and there but I did tell him the next day and he seemed genuinely sorry. So things are good. In the past, I never would have said what was wrong. I would have just been snotty and kept it bottled up inside.

Oh! After I told you about the Halloween party and asked for costume ideas, I found out it was going to be a movie theme. Everyone was to dress as a movie character. But update... the party is cancelled. As much as I was stressing out about finding a costume, I'm disappointed that the party's not going off now.

Well, gotta run for now. Hopefully it won't be another three weeks before I post again!


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  • At 10/10/2005 9:43 AM, Blogger lonna said…

    I'm glad that things are going well. When you have a husband, job, and kids life is more mundane so it's easier to keep up with a blog. A new relationship is so exciting. There are so many things to do together, so many new people to meet, etc.

  • At 10/10/2005 11:38 AM, Blogger patrice said…

    I hate when people back out of plans. good for you for saying something. if you don't say anything, no one will.

  • At 10/10/2005 8:27 PM, Blogger Jen said…

    Congrats on being the "girlfriend!" And that was good that you have found a voice to talk about things when they bother you.

    I think Lonna is right that when you are in a stable relationship that things are a little bit calmer, plus you live together and see each other with out a hassle, so that leaves more time for blogging.

  • At 10/10/2005 9:34 PM, Blogger Rebecca said…

    She's back from the dead!!! O.O

    Anyway, I really am glad things are going so well for you. It's fun to have followed your blog from the fist mention of AIM to this point.

    I met someone recently who seems to be interested in me as well, actually, which is fun--but as he's read my blog at least once, I'll have to watch what I say about it on there...

  • At 10/11/2005 8:23 AM, Blogger Rebecca said…

    I know what you mean other Rebecca! I haven't mentioned my blog to AIM.

  • At 10/11/2005 3:13 PM, Blogger GlitterGlamGirl05 said…

    YAY! All I need to say is GIRLFRIEND you rock. Now I just need to get me in the same situation and I'll be good.

  • At 10/14/2005 5:26 PM, Blogger ramblin' girl said…

    glad to hear things with AIM are going well. good job on communicating when what he did upset you!


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