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While there were times when he wished he could roll back the clock and erase all the sadness, he had a hunch that if he did so, the joy would be diminished as well. And that was something he couldn't contemplate. (From At First Sight by Nicholas Sparks)

Monday, November 28, 2005

Fighting Off The Funk

Well, I'm feeling a little bit better today. It helps that I was incredibly busy at work and then went to the gym and basically didn't have much time to think about AIM and what is or is not going on with him. Thank you Glitter, Jen and Lonna for your comments. I always know that I can commiserate with Glitter because very often it seems like we're going through the same exact things. Jen, you are just too cute. I love the relationship that you and Andy have and hope that one day I am lucky enough to have something similar. And Lonna, one of my newest blogger buddies, thank you. I found great comfort in your comment and the fact that you've been through this. I'm not certain that AIM is "the one" for me but it's good to know that he's not the first guy to pull this kind of crap on a woman.

So I have to acknowledge the birthday thing... Glitter is the 14th, Lonna the 15th and I am the 16th. Wish we could all get together and knock a few back. :-)

Well, thanks to everyone for "listening" to me rant and rave yet again. I appreciate it.


  • At 11/29/2005 1:35 PM, Blogger patrice said…

    ooo, all you december birthdays!

    fight off that funk! there are only so many things that are in your control, but you CAN control some things. you can't determine his feelings but you can surely determine yours! good luck to you, you do have a ton going for you.

  • At 11/29/2005 8:32 PM, Blogger Jen said…

    I totally agree with Patrice. You have to do things for you, and if AIM isn't making you happy, then, like you said, maybe he isn't the one for you. But at least you have gotten back on the horse dating wise, and that is a good thing.

  • At 11/30/2005 12:46 PM, Blogger Rebecca said…

    hey, if i don't leave comments too often it's because sometimes i don't know what to say that won't sound lame, but i really hope things work out one way or the other.

    keep it up with the gym-- i know for me excercise really helps in defunkifying myself.

  • At 12/02/2005 12:38 PM, Blogger GlitterGlamGirl05 said…

    OMG where's the birthday party? I have the whole week off!!!

    It sucks turning 30 but if what I hear is true our 30s will be the best yet.

    And you know how I feel about AIM, heck I just did that with Riley. Screw a guy if he can't put in the time, someone else out there will.

  • At 12/06/2005 12:16 AM, Blogger ramblin' girl said…

    Glitter's absolutely right, in many ways... but for me after 30's been far better than pre-30!
    Happy Early Birthday!!


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