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Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Blah Blah Blah

Today was a busy day and while nothing all that interesting happened, I feel like I need to get something out of my system, I'm just not quite sure what. So, if you want to tune out now, feel free, if you want to keep reading, I hope I figure it out by the time I'm done writing!

Yesterday my office was closed for the holiday which was nice. I spent the day with my friend Lisa. We hung out at her apartment for a while, went out to lunch and then wound up back at her place where we watched Must Love Dogs with Diane Lane and John Cusack. After I got home, I did laundry and just took it easy. Of course, since I had to be up and out of the house early this morning I had trouble falling asleep. It figures.

Luckily, I heard my alarm this morning and managed to get out and on the road on time. I got on the expressway and it was smooth sailing for about two exits. Then we slowed to a crawl. I leave myself plenty of time so it wasn't as if I was worried about being late, I was just annoyed at having to move so slow. Turns out, there had been an accident in the left lane a ways up. Once I got past that it was smooth sailing again. Just as I was coming to my exit I noticed a car fire on the shoulder of the opposite side of the road. It was blazing. Since it wasn't my car and it appeared that the driver was a safe distance away from the car, I don't feel so bad saying that it was kind of cool to see. I must be spending too much time with firemen!

Anyway, every two months the Board of Directors of the agency I work for meet and I always have to be there to take the minutes. I don't mind, since it's the one of the few times I'm actually out of the office. We started late and within about a half hour of starting the president announced they needed to go into executive session, meaning that non-board members were excused.

Okay, so again, I didn't really mind. I recently got the new Nickelback CD and have been listening to it non-stop in the car so I was excited to get back to that. My ride back to work was peaceful and nearly pleasant. Then I walked into the office.

The agency recently hired about 7 new people at one time. Four of these people are based in the same office as me, which is not a problem except that my office has never (at least in my 2-plus years there) held so many people. So we've been moving these people from their current office to what used to be our conference room. New furniture was bought and the room is really starting to look nice.

But back to me, I walked in and didn't even have my coat off before people were demanding things and begging for my help and whining about things, etc. I suppose I should feel good that I was apparently needed but they just annoyed me to no end this morning! We were down two phone lines when I arrived and no one could access the internet or the server. I guess they were all just stressed out and venting while simultaneously trying to fill me in on the morning's events but I felt like they wanted me to fix it (and since our tech person was there and couldn't fix it, there was no way I was going to be able to do anything).

Things finally quieted down when they all left to run their programs. That's when my supervisor and I started moving the computers from the old office to the new office. I spent some time crawling around on the floor and untangling wires and cords as well as carrying computers to their new homes. No biggie. I honestly don't mind doing that kind of stuff once in a while. I just would have preferred being dressed down a bit more but what can you do?!

Anyway, I got to leave early because my Executive Director wanted me to go to the post office for her so that wasn't so bad. Although, technically, since I started early this morning, I should have left early.

I think I'm just feeling kind of frustrated with things lately. I really need to get my shit in order.


  • At 1/18/2006 9:23 AM, Blogger lonna said…

    Boy, I bet most of us have been taken advantage of at work. That's one of the problems about being smart and good at your job: everyone wants to use that for their interests. I hope that things pick up for you.

  • At 1/18/2006 2:24 PM, Blogger GlitterGlamGirl05 said…

    I do that stuff most of the time....and I hate it. Sometimes I just don't think I make enough $ for that shit.

  • At 1/18/2006 8:14 PM, Blogger Jen said…

    Glad to hear from you again. It sounds like work kind of sucks for you right now, but I think that work is that way for most people. There are high points and low points.


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