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Thursday, February 23, 2006

Sucked In

As if I don't watch enough TV, I've been sucked into the black hole that is called American Idol. (It only took, what?, five seasons!) I watched only one night of the auditions and wasn't terribly impressed but on Tuesday, I watched the 12 remaining women sing. Some of them were really fabulous. One of them, a 16-year-old, sang a song called "I'm Changing" by Jennifer Holliday. I had never before heard of Jennifer Holliday or heard the song but it was amazing. So much so that I need to get it! I searched online for the lyrics (to post here) but wasn't able to find them.

Last night the men performed. I thought most of them were good but there was only one that I thought was great (last night) and that was Chris. What is it with me and bald men?!

Ummm, other than that there isn't too much going on here. Dad and AJ (the dog) both seem to be doing better and therefore I am still heading off to Florida tomorrow. I spoke with AIM today to make sure that he was still able to drop me at the airport. Thumbs up.

The only other thing of interest, to me anyway, is that I have updated my MySpace page. I think it looks pretty awesome with its blue background and pink highlights. I didn't want it to be quite as girly as this page! But one of these days, I'll try to figure out how to change this without losing everything!

Well, I probably will not have time to write while I am away but at least I've prepared you all for this by being so random with posting lately!!! Hope you all have a great week and I'll try to write and fill you in on my trip as soon as I get home!


  • At 2/23/2006 10:30 PM, Blogger lonna said…

    I hope you enjoy your break from all that you are dealing with at home.

    I have never been able to get into American Idol. I have always preferred musicians who write their own music to musicians who interpret other's music.


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