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Thursday, April 20, 2006

Random Ramblings

Let me start this post by saying that I know I am at fault for losing the vast majority of my readership via my boring life and weeks when I seem to go among the missing. For those of you that do still check in with me, a big fat THANK YOU to you. Even though I'm not on here as much as I want to be, I still love all of you!

I'll start off my rambling thoughts by telling you all how freaking exhausted I am. I went from a single woman with nary a care in the world to more or less a mother of three (mother, father, dog) overnight. Dad is still in the hospital. He's recovering well and the doctors are planning on sending him home on May 5th. I'm excited about this but a little apprehensive as well since I will be in Florida at that time.

My mom is still driving me crazy. She's not doing anything. Okay, there are some but VERY few exceptions. For the most part, everything is falling on me. I don't mind doing stuff but I get frustrated when it all falls on me on top of my job and she's home all day long with plenty of time to get stuff done. Jen had suggested, after reading one of my earlier posts, that I move out. I would love to, however, I am still at my parents' home to help them as much as for my own financial reasons. I had been doing okay with saving money until dad went into the hospital and gas prices skyrocketed. Unfortunately, I don't have any friends who are financially able or willing to room together and, honestly, I can't see the point of paying someone else's mortgage and not having anything to really call my own. A "cozy" apartment here is going for a minimum of $900. And those are usually the apartments in houses. Complexes are a minimum of $1200. Now, I should make it clear that I do pay a small rent, I pay all of my own bills, do my own laundry, help around the house, etc. I may be mooching somewhat by still living there but I'm mooching less than some of my friends in the same situation.

Moving on, AJ is doing well. We did have a scare Monday night. She came home from the vet (after having blood taken to check the levels of anti-seizure medication in her system) and could not walk. I had to lift her 100-pound rear end off the floor for her. But my girl didn't give up. She kept trying and by morning she was doing much better and could get up on her own though it took her a little while. By last night she was chasing me through the house.

I ordered my dress for Mary's wedding yesterday. I'm excited. It's a beautiful dress and I think the color will be great for me. I was surprised when I called the store to order the dress though and they said they were going to send me a contract. Is this something that all places (outside of NY) do? I've never heard of it. I left Mary a voicemail mentioning it and she returned the message to tell me the contract says that the store is not responsible if I lose or gain a lot of weight by the time the wedding rolls around and the dress doesn't fit right and they're not responsible for it if the wedding does not happen. Is it just me? But, duh! This is all common sense stuff. Of course I'm going to sign it, it just seemed a little... well, silly to me. I suppose someone may have tried to sue them previously, in which case you can't blame them for having this contract. Honestly, they do put warnings on hair dryers that you shouldn't use while in water so...

The only other thing that's really up here is that I'm feeling funky. But it seems lately like if I write on blogger it's because I'm funky. Oh. Wait. I was funky when I started this blog. Well, I'm going to try to have more upbeat posts from now on. If you don't hear from me for a while, you'll know why! Just kidding. I swear I'm going to try to be better.


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